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> African Nations Cup 2004  > Real Madrid:
Apr 25 1730 GMT Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 1:2 (final score)
- Real will begin with Cambiasso but without Ronaldo. Barcelona with Puyol who had been doubtful but without Kluivert who might have been a threat against the vulnurable Real set piece defence
-('1-'10) Real look sharp, begin with fast attacks, more direct play than recently. FC Barcelona slowly find into the game.
-('11-'20) Barcelona calm the game by controlling ball possession while Real play quickly into attack. A difficult situation for the referee at a midfield tackle by Beckham on Davids. Beckham clearly plays the ball but could have injured Davids as violent as the tackle was. The referee says free kick and no card.
-('21) Barcelona: dangerous looking Ronaldinho free kick but deflected by the wall who had been a lttle close
-('22-'30) Real have a Beckham shot wide and a free kick situation, across the bar by a meter by Beckham
-(31-'35) a half chance for Barca
-('36-'37)a sequence of huge opprortunities for Real after an error by the now nervous Barca keeper, one saved, one cleared on the line and one missing narrowly wide after an insuing corner
-('39) another huge double opportunity for Real: A Beckham free kick cross is again poorly cleared by the keeper. The ball hits the crossbar and the rebound is headed by Figo from 2 meters distance towards the ball. The keeper is up again and rescues with a save of which it cannot surely be said of whether having been made behind the line or still on. In doubt play on says the referee and Barca are lucky again.
-('40-'45) Real torment the Barca defence with dangerous crosses. A harmless long range attempt by Davids is all Barcelona comes up with
halftime 0:0
-('46-'50) Real pressure again right from the start, dominating the match clearly. Not the best opportunity but most spectacular is a free kick rocket by Roberto Carlos from more than 30 meters, saved for a corner.
-('54) another incredible goal scene for Real (like twice before halftime), again Barcelona escape micarcle like
(clearcut chances for Zidane and Figo)
-('55) the insuing corner is indirectly played, the cross (Cambiaso or Beckham) not cleared well and Solari fires the rebound across the line - 1:0
-('57) Barca bring on Luis Enrique and Kluivert
-('58) and surprise Real immeediately with their first clearcut chance of the game: Cocu through ball on Van Bronckhorst, on the verge of offside. He makes a cross to Kluivert, having broken clear in the middle and heads into the goal with ease - 1:1
-('62) Barcelona obviously encouraged and more advanterous through the changes. Ronaldo gets a free kick from 17 meters. Again like in first half the wall is at least a meter too close and Ronaldinho targetss too high.
-('63-'73) Real have recovered and pile up the pressure again. Figo sees his second yellow card for a dangerous play against Puyol who nevertheless seems to exaggerate (Figo seems to have played the ball but he might as well have injured his opponent). Real are down to ten.
-('77) the match more balanced, both going for the second goal. Ronaldinho sets up a great opportunity for Kluivert but his header gets too high
-('79) Barcelona: another good opportunity after a dangerous cross
-suddenly it is Barcelona who pressure while Real concentrates on defending and counter attacks
-('86) Barcelona have all the luck and score a spectacular goal: Ronaldinho chips the ball inside the penalty area where the unmarked Xavi with an artistic trick play lifts the ball over Casillias. The desperate clearance attempt by the running back Raul Bravo on the line hits the crossbar but bounces into the net - 1:2
-('90+1) Ronaldinho has the golden opportunity to decide the match when he breaks through with a run from the midfield line but his finishing is wide
-Barca with the psycholoigical advantage look more fresh in the final seconds
finals score 1:2
a very good game by Real for most of the match and a tough result. Barcelona only strong after the changes and the equaliser

2000 GMT Atletico Madrid - Real Madrid  1:2 (final score)
- Real with Solari for the injured Ronaldo and Raul as lone striker, Pavon and Raul Bravo in defence. Atletico without the suspended Fernando Torres
- Atletico beginning with long balls on their lone striker to beat the offside trap, Casillas intercepts one successful attempt
-('5) Reals first attack, ignited by a Figo solorun. The Portuguese then passes onto the left flank where Solari already close to the ground line surprises the keeper from a close angle by a low shot instead of a cross - 0:1
-('6-'15) Atletico with a dangerous 20 m shot which hits the outside of the net. Reals's defence looks penetrable. On the other side Real seem to attempt suspected weaknesses of the Atletico keeper. Roberto Carlos tries another surprise attempt from an unusual shooting position.
-('17) there is no movement among the other Real players as Zidane shelters the ball in a ten second dribbling back and forth against various Atletico players. In the end he gets a free kick and Beckham puts the Atletico keeper to another test, a shot targeted too central to be threatening
-('18-'28) few goalscenes, ball possession is balanced. Like in the matches before Real do not seem able to dominate the match with a possession football they used to be able to play
-('29-'30) a short sequence shows the better side of the galacticos
-('34) A familiar moment as Atletico are allowed an unchallenged header after a corner (goes wide)
-('45+1) A brilliant counter opportunity for Real, blown by a hasty mistimed Figo shot who seems to have wanted to surprise the keeper with a no-look attempt
halftime 1:1
-('48) after a through ball Pavon stops a striker inside the penalty area with too much use of his hands. the referee says penalty. It is converted by Paunovic. To add misery for the young and usually fair playing defender: he sees his second yellow card for the foul, in the first half he had seen a very harsh yellow card for his first foul - 1:1
-('49-'61) not a very beautiful game: it is fast, both teams fighting, but Real without great inspiration and Atletico with a modest performance themselves
-('66) a counter attack after a Real corner: Casillias finds himself alone against a broken through attacker but the
Real keeper puts on one of his heroics and saves the ball
-('67-'78) despite down to ten men, Real pressure more and more, play open in defence and Atletico have a chance through Paunovic who hits the outside of the net. Atletico only play for counter attacks.
-('79) Real score after a corner through Helguera. Atletico protest because the keeper had received a little push by Raul before but the referee says goal - 1:2
-('80-'90) Atletico try to pressure but only have half chances if at all.
-('90+2) eventually a huge chance after a long throw in, but the sharp low shot from 16 meters is deflected for a corner
-Real successfully waste the remaining time
final score 1:2
a rather disappointing game from Atletico, a hardfought win for Real, without glamour

Apr 11 1930 GMT Real Madrid - Osasuna   0:3 (final score)
- ('1-'10) Real look determined warming up but it is Osasuna who begin the match attacking and score on the second opportunity in only 2 minutes (Valdo '2). They continue attacking in the foollowing minutes, seeking to exploit the momentary weakness of the hosts
-('11-'15) Real start some attacking fireworks (Zidane on Roberto Carlos, Raul) but still Osasuna can launch a good counter attack in between plus an unchallenged header after a corner
-('15-'20) a great game with high pace, fluent passing and both teams seeking attack immediately. Osasuna quite successful in taking the ball away from Real. Beckham excites the crowd with a 50 meter attempt on goal which is too high only by centimeters
-('21-'30) Real players are running, playing fast, it is not a lack of fighting spirit why they are behind. A fine attack (Zidane, roberto Carlos, Raul) gets stopped in the last moment while Ronaldo is off the pitch because of an apparent muscle problem. He has to get replaced by Borja.
-('31-'35) Reals pressure mounts on the visitors and Salgado misses the goal only by half a meter
-('36-'45) high pace but only half chances until Real has a good opportunity after a corner. But it is Osasuna on the other side who score after a corner when Pablo Garcia lobs a defended ball over the crowd of players including Casillas from 18 meters into the deserted goal - 0:2
-Real answer with furious attacks but Osasuna escape into halftime
halftime 0:2
-('46-'50) Osasuna seem to make everything right in sticking to attacking football to keep the ball away from Real and the danger zone
-('51-'55) Osasuna seem to make the mistake to be drawn back too far and Real start to have half chances - or is it Real who force it?
-('56-'60) Ivorian Ibrahima Bakayoko comes in for Osasuna, replacing Morales. Guti is angry he gets no penalty and appears to make a headbutt against his opponent. He seems to have had problems with his status as Real star in recent weeks, his actions look arrogant and complaining a lot
-('61) counter attack: a long ball from defence finds #21 free on the right wing, a perfect cross finds Moha at the second goal post who makes a perfect header  - 0:3
-('63) a rare case: Real are unlucky with a call when Zidane scores from a cross against the offside trap - but it is ruled offside. In fact not him but other players had been offside. Of them only Guti might have irritated the keeper and Guti had not been clearly offside himself.
-('68) Led by Beckham and Zidane Real mount ernormous pressure and Osasuna are lucky again when after a huge opportunity for Raul Beckham is brought down close to the goal. the referee says no foul
-('70) Real fight back but do not score - more big occasions fade when Roberto Carlos shot is saved by the keeper and a header bounces back from Raul a meter in front of the goal line
-('71-'75) Real fight on with an enormous spirit, they still seem to believe in the possibility of turning the match, but it is only a Beckham free kick which misses by half a meter
-('76) It is Osasuna who almost score by a deflected free kick
-('77-'96) Reals efforts get more and more desperate, hectical - and so less dangerous
-('87) a dangerous Roberto Carlos free kick is blocked by - Figo. A typical scene for tonight
-('89) another Real claim for a penalty is denied
final score 0:3
Real began with some bad defending against Osasunas blitz start. From then on they had to run behind and evrything went against them. An enormous running and fighting showed in the same time a lack of concept how to get a grip on the match and score. They wanted, the tried but they weren't able to. And had some tough luck added. Without Ronaldo even more apparent.

Apr 3 1800 GMT Albacete - Real Madrid   1:2 (final score)
- Real play with all stars. They have entertained now with a series of 12 consecutive games in which they have allowed their opponents to score.
- Real begin focussed, agressive from the beginning. Albacete despite the pressing attempting to combinate out of defence to bring the strikers into attacking scenarios with a lot of space
- 0:1 ('18) Ronaldo can only be stopped by a foul and Roberto Carlos hammers the free kick onto the goal. It is deflected and the keeper has no chance
-'19-'35 both keeper with a heroic moment - the Albacete keeper against a dangerous deflected long range rocket by Guti and Casillas against a close range header when suddenly two Albacete attackers appeared unchallenged before him to convert a cross
-'36-'42 Real are in control of the game, but starting to play more relaxed. Ronaldo has a good scene with a solorun after 40 minutes but his shot is right on the keeper
-'43 Real's beginning complacency is showing as they are outnumbered at an (eventually harmless) Albacete attack
halftime 0:1
-'46-'60 play very agressive attacking football know, Real are pinned back into their defence. But yet they defend suuccessfully, weven at set pieces.
-'67 Casillas with another heroic save against an unchallenged header from only 5 meters
-'71 a seemingly harmless Roberto Carlos freekick is deflected by Figo and the keeper has no chance again - 0:2
-'82 Casillias is beaten by a bouncing low shot by Albacete #7 from 20 meters into the far corner - 1:2
-Albacete try but cannot apply a real pressure anymore
final score 1:2

Mar 28 1900 GMT Real Madrid - Sevilla CF  5:1 (final score)
- ('6) 1:0 Solari  low shot into the far corner from half left, 10 m distance, after a combination
-'1-'30 an intense match in uncomfortable weather conditions with a few of challenges beyond the limit
-'31-'45 Real win more of the match and Solari has another chance saved after an error in defence ('38).
-('42) Ronaldo is touched by the keeper and falls, but has appeared searching the collision - no penalty
-('45) cross from the right hand side by Beckham finds Ronaldo, whose header is a little deflected and so leaves the keeper without chance - 2:0
halftime 2:0
-playing for Sevilla is the-shot's favorite at the last Under 20 World Cup, Brazilian right back Daniel, who then, in a new interpretation of Roberto Carlos liveliness, could be found everywhere on the field while today rather sticking to his defending tasks.
-('59) Solari pushes Sevilla #27 as he wants to make a header - penalty. It is converted - 2:1
-(-'64) the match breaks open and Real answer with several dangerous attacks until Zidane is sent through and chips over the diving keeper - 3:1
- the match keepes high pace as Sevilla keeps fighting and Real does not lose focus, the counters of the hosts are most dangerous, the keeper rescues against Zidane
-('75) Ronaldo against three defenders keeps the ball, the keeper can save by a great effort but the rebound is fired into the triangle by Salgado - 4:1
- chances on both sides follow as the pace is kept high
-in the last 10 minutes the match calms a little bit
-('90+2) Ronaldo, who is in inspired form today, adds the fifth goal instyle, after a defensive blunder

qualified: Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, Ghana

African Olympic qualifiers - the deciding weekend

Sunday :
Mali - Cameroon  1:0
final score
Mali need to win, otherwise it's Cameroon
- ('7) 1:0
- ('41) Mali, leading 1:0, miss a penalty

Ghana - Zambia  2:0  final score

Ghana need to win, otherwise it's Zambia
goals: ('25) Abubakar Yahuza ('81) Poku  > updates here

Saturday :

Mar 27 1600 GMT Tunisia - Nigeria  2:0 (final score)
Mar 27 1600 GMT?  Egypt - Senegal  0:1 (final score?)
Tunisia need to win
Nigeria need to win or a draw and Senegal not to win abnormally high at Egypt
Senegal need a draw between Tunisia and Nigeria and themselves to win by 6 (or 5 depending on the goals scored) or more at Egypt

1st half
- ('7) Tunisia, who look better organised in the early stages, waste a huge opportunity as #5 is played through and shoots high over the bar unchallenged from 15 meters
-('12) another opportunity through Tunisian #14
-the crowd is not pleased with the sometimes rough Nigerian play, #8 eventually reaches the ball, but only after he almost broke the legs of his opponent, he is lucky to escape with touching the ball and seeing yellow. Tunisian players 'defend' themselves by intensively displaying their pain lying on the ground.
-('25) Nigeria are first time dangerous by a long range free kick saved by the Tunisian keeper
-('26-'31) Tunisia have their opponents pinned back into the penalty area before a quick counter attack on either side is dangerous
-('34) Tunisia are lucky to block a nigerian shooting sequence after a corner
-Nigeria get better into the game at the moment
-('43) Nigeria pay the price for their
at the limit play as #11 sees a relatively harsh 2nd yellow card - it is 11 vs 10 now!
-('45+2) the referee has perfect sight as the Nigerian keeper comes late to bring down a striker (Ali Zitouni) in the penalty area - he says penalty
-('45+3) #10 converts it - 1:0

halftime 1:0
a tough ending for the Nigerians who pray in a circle at midfield before going into the cabin. It have been the kind of accidents which happen more likely to the team defending. Now with 10 vs 11 they need to score

2nd half
-the Tunisians have started to collect some yellow cards themselves, for professional fouls, as the referee remains consequent
-Tunisia want to take no chances and continue attacking
-('56) Zitouni? hits the crossbar
-('60) Zitouni wins a free kick from dangerous position, the keeper does well to save the ball by #10
-('61) Nigerian #14, only a minute after receiving the yellow card for that stopping of Zitouni, comes late again and looks very happy when the referee says: calm down, this time it has not been a bookable offence
-('65) Nigeria have an opportunity but #8 fires wide from 16 meters
-('66-'78) the match is midfield action as Tunisians obstruct and dominate midfield but do not attack with final consequence anymore. Until...
-('79) a through ball by #12 on Ali Zitouni who moves out his defender and fires into the corner from the edge of the penalty area - 2:0
-('80-'85) Nigeria have 2 opportunities as Tunisian concentration loosens
-4 minutes injury time
-Nigeria show a good moral, do not give up, keep attacking

-('90+3) direct red card for Nigerian #5 who makes an ugly intentional direct kick into the legs of his opponent, out of frustration
-('90+4) Zitouni sets up a last good scene for the hosts

final score 2:0
A Nigerian squad that appeared a little younger than their opponents, would only have sneaked through against the determined hosts if one of the first half counters had provided a lucky punch. Eventually events turned against the team in whose half the main part of the match was played. (Accidents can only happen where the ball is)


Mar 27 1530 GMT  Morocco - Angola 2:1 (final score)
Mar 27 1530 GMT? Uganda - Ethiopia  2:1 final score (1:0 halftime, 1:1, 2:1)
Morocco need to beat Angola and Ethiopia not to win at Angola
Ethiopia need to win at Uganda and Angola not to win at Morocco
Angola need to win or to draw and Ethiopia not to win at Uganda
- 1:0 ('14) #10 after a through ball he escapes the defenders, curves around the keeper and puts the ball into the net
- Morocco dominate and have more chances
- 1:1 ('36) #14 long range free kick - wall did not look good as the shot went through between the heads of two defenders
-('39) penalty for Morocco - a gift by the referee: adefender tries to clear and shoots against his own hand, of course unintentionally, referee says penalty, it is converted - 2:1
2nd half
-Angola try to pressure but cannot get clearcut chances, Morocco maybe rely on counter attacks a little too much anyway
-half chances on both sides as the match thrill derives from the scenario that one goal here or at Uganda could change it all
-final minutes: Angola try long high desperate crosses, Morocco apparently fired up by news from Uganda counter

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Mar 27 1600 GMT?  Egypt - Senegal
Mar 27 1600 GMT Tunisia - Nigeria
Mar 27 1530 GMT  Morocco - Angola
Mar 27 1xx0 GMT? Uganda - Ethiopia
Mali - Cameroon
Ghana - Zambia

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